Social Events

  • Reception on Tuesday

    The reception will be held in the lobby of the building where the conference rooms are (GW2). Interact with your research fellows in a relaxed atmosphere with food and drinks. We will have a surprise that encourages you to have fun with many other participants you might not yet know. Although it is not the central part, software is going to play a role in this event helping you to maintain and evolve your real and not just virtual social network.

  • Banquet on Wednesday

    The conference banquet of ICSME will be held at Bremen's Ratskeller, the cellar of Bremen's beautiful town hall. Bremen's town hall and the Roland statue in front of it are an UNESCO world heritage. UNESCO

  • Guided Tours on Wednesday

    Just before the banquet, we will offer you two guided tours. One of the tour takes you to all major attractions of Bremen downtown including the Roland statue on the market place in front of the town hall (town hall and the Roland statue are UNESCO world heritages), to Böttcherstraße, to Schnoor, Schlachte, and last but not least of course to the statue of the Bremen town musicians. The other tour shows you the Ratskeller, the wine cellar underneath the town hall built in 1405. The oldest wine they have is from 1653. Only the newly elected Lord Mayor may taste it. You need to make your choice during the registration process.

  • Football match on Thursday

    Hausi Müller introduced the tradition to play football at conferences. We will continue with this tradition. So bring your football shoes to ICSME 2015. We will have a football match on October 1st, right after the conference. The match takes place on a field on the campus on artificial turf.