Getting Around in Bremen

  • Public transport in Bremen:

    Public transport in Bremen is convenient, safe, and clean. Tickets for trams are normally bought inside the car at ticket machines. There are two kinds of such ticket machines inside a tram: one is for electronic travel cards and one is for cash. Only the latter is relevant for you. Some stations have ticket machines where you can buy tickets before you enter the tram (e.g., at the airport). In buses, you buy the ticket from the driver. One ticket in the Bremen city area costs 2,60 EUR. It is valid for rides in all buses, trams, and trains within Bremen towards your destination for at most three hours. You can change your means of public transportation arbitrarily with the same ticket as long as you stay within the three-hour limit towards your destination (you cannot travel back).

    Unfortunately, it is very impractical for international guests to get a 7-day transport pass. You would need to fill in a German form and send it via regular mail. You can buy stocks of tickets (stocks of four - "4er-Ticket" for 9.40 EUR - or ten - "10er-Ticket" for 23.50 EUR - at a time) at the BSAG service centers at the stations "Domsheide" or "Hauptbahnhof (main station)". Day tickets (German: Tagesticket) can be purchased at the ticket machines within trams or at the bus driver. We will provide tickets on Sunday for the transport from the conference site to the SCAM and VISSOFT dinners and on Wednesday from the conference site to the guided ICSME tours in downtown.

    A map of the different lines can be found here. An even more detailed map can be found here. An interactive web version of the map is here.

    If you are traveling late on a line marked by N (for night, German: Nacht), you need to pay an extra charge of 1 EUR. The marking N is the decisive factor, not the time; but generally after 11 pm, you should expect buses and trams marked by N. The lines operating at night, can be found here. More information about public transport can be found here.

  • Arrival at the airport: The airport (German: Flughafen) at Bremen is very close to the city. To get to your hotel, you can simply use a tram line 6 towards "Universität". It stops at various places in downtown including the main station. The ride from the airport to downtown takes only 15 minutes. The tram stations is immediately in front of the airport exit. The route and stops of tram line 6 can be found here. The tram runs very frequently. The schedule can be found here. Alternatively, you could take a taxi from the airport to downtown for about 20 EUR.
  • Arrival at the main station: When you leave the main station towards the city center (the station has two main exits), you will find the tram and bus station in front of the building. If you chose to take a taxi, you can find taxis at both exits.
  • Getting to the conference site: The hotels for which we had reservations, are mostly along tram line 6. Line 6 takes you directly to the university where the conference takes place. Take line 6 towards "Universität" and exit at the stop "Universität/Zentralbereich"). Alternatively, you may use bus lines 22, 21, 28, or 31, which all stop at this station, too. Another option is bus lines 630 and 670 using the "Universität/NW1", stop at "Universität/NW1", which is at the border of the campus. The conference site can be reached from there within a 5-minute walk. A larger map of the campus can be found here. A somewhat more detailed map can be found here.
  • From bus/tram station "Universität/Zentralbereich" to the registration: This map shows you the path from the station to GW2, where the registration is located. When you leave the bus or tram at station "Universität/Zentralbereich", you will be in front of the Glashalle, a building with a very large glass front. Walk to the end of that building in North direction (if you came from downtown, it is the direction in which the bus/tram continues). The direction is indicated here. Walk underneath the pedestrian overpass (called Boulevard) and turn right to the iron staircase. Climb the staircase to reach the Boulevard. Follow the Boulevard toward the direction in which you leave the staircase (straight on) until the end of the Boulevard where you hit the grey wall of concrete of a lecture building (HS 1010/1020). Then turn right and walk to the entrance of building GW2. The registration desk is located directly in the lobby of GW2.