Industry Track – Call for Papers

Goal and Scope

The Industry Track of ICSME 2015, the International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution, brings together participants from academia and industry in a venue that highlights practical and real-world studies of software maintenance and evolution. This track aims to foster mutually-beneficial links between those engaged in scientific research and practitioners working to improve software maintenance and evolution practices. Experiences from practitioners provide crucial input into future research directions and allow others to learn from successes and failures.

We invite submissions of state-of-the-art practice and experience reports, survey reports from real-world projects and industrial experiences, and evidence-based identification of unsolved research challenges associated to software maintenance and evolution. We are interested in results, obstacles, and lessons learned. If you apply a method, model or tool in an industrial context, which you know was earlier presented at ICSM or other software engineering conference, we greatly encourage you to submit to this track.

Participation Requirements

Each submission should describe the problem addressed, the approach used, the current state of the project, an evaluation of the benefits or lessons learned, and future developments. Submissions must be in English and conform to the IEEE proceedings style.

Submissions can be either four or ten pages long. The page limit must include all text, references, appendices, and figures.

Submit the manuscript via EasyChair at


Each submission will be reviewed by at least two members of the PC. Key reviewing criteria are listed below. Note that not all criteria are appropriate for every submission—improvement on the state-of-the-practice may be irrelevant for an experience report—but that we will adjust criteria to fit the given type of submission.

  • Relevance to ICSME audience –The core concepts of the work either originate in research, either at ICSME or a related conference, or are novel ICSME-appropriate topics.
  • Improvement on the state-of-the-practice – The amount of improvement that the work achieves above and beyond the state-of-the-practice.
  • Impact of tech transfer activity – The scale of the impact (e.g., individual vs team vs several teams) of the tech transfer work (only relevant for tech transfer activities).
  • Generality of results – The probability that the work, approach, or lessons learned are applicable to developers outside of the studied group.
  • Clarity of lessons learned – The clarity in which the lessons learned are presented and how well they are supported with data and discussion.
  • Overall quality of the manuscript.


Accepted papers will be allotted four or ten pages in the ICSME 2015 proceedings. At least one author of each paper must attend the conference and present the work. Authors of four page papers will be allotted a 15 minute presentation and authors of ten page papers will be allotted a 30 minute presentation. Please reserve enough time for questions and discussion.

Important Dates

Abstract submissions June 19, 2015
Paper submissions June 26, 2015
Notification to authors July 31, 2015

Submissions close at 23:59 AoE (Anywhere on Earth, UTC-12)

Program Chairs

Jochen Quante, Robert- Bosch GmbH, Germany

David C. Shepherd, ABB Corporate Research, USA

Program Committee