Warning: Several people have reported to us that they were called by a person claiming to represent ICSME and to be in charge of hotel reservations. That person is offering to handle the hotel reservation process for you. Do not believe this person. Please book your hotel only through the official link provided on our web site.

The deadline for the reservation of hotel rooms has already passed and we are no longer holding reservations. As announced early, there is a very large congress in Bremen (Sept. 29th - Oct, 1st 2015). In particular on September, 29th it will be extremely difficult to get a room in Bremen. If you do not have a room yet, please try one of the following links as quickly as possible:

Here you can find our former reservation system. Bookings are not available anymore and prices may be different now since we are holding no longer reservations: Online Booking

In case you would like to make an earlier or later reservation than what is possible with the online system, you should make your reservations in the online system for the possible dates and then enter your extra days in the "remarks" text field in the reservation form. Please add alternative hotels for the extra days, just in case your primary hotel is not available at the extra days. BTZ will try to make the extra reservations for you.